Waveguide Sizes to 1.7THz

The following table lists waveguide sizes of most interest to microwave enthusiasts, covering bands 2.4GHz to 1.7THz. Larger sizes are available.

Updated September 2007 G8KMH

WGEIA IECRec. freq. CutoffInternal WallFlange
nodesig. desig.rng GHz freqsize (mm) (mm)Desig.
8 WR-430 R22 1.72-2.61 -109.22x54.61 2.032UG435A/U(no groove)
10 WR-284R32 2.60-3.952.07872.14x34.042.0325985-99-083-0010/1560
11 - - 2.44860.25x28.50 1.626-
11aWR-229R40 3.30-4.902.57758.17x29.081.626UDR40
12 WR-187 R48 3.95-5.85 3.15247.55x22.15 1.626UAR48
13 WR-159R58 4.90-7.053.71140.39x20.191.626UAR58
14 WR-137 R70 5.85-8.20 4.30134.85x15.80 1.626UAR70
15 WR-112R84 7.05-10.05.26028.50x12.621.626UBR84
Old English   5.902 25.40x12.70-
16 WR-90 R1008.20-12.46.55722.86x10.161.270UBR100
17 WR-75 R12010.0-15.0 7.86919.05x9.525 1.270UBR120
18 WR-62 R14012.4-18.09.48815.80x7.8991.016UBR140
19 WR-51 R18015.0-22.0 11.5712.95x6.477 1.016UBR180
20 WR-42 R22018.0-26.514.0510.67x4.3181.016UBR220
21 WR-34 R26022.0-33.0 17.368.636x4.318 1.016UBR260
22 WR-28 R32026.5-
23 WR-22 R40033.0-50.0 26.345.690x2.845 1.016UG-383/U(Round)
23 UG-599/U MOD (Square)
24 WR-19 R50040.0-60.0 31.394.775x2.388 1.016UG-383/U MOD
25 WR-15 R62049.9-75.839.863.759x1.8801.016UG-385/U
26 WR-12 R74060.5-92.0 48.363.099x1.549 1.016UG-387/U
27 WR-10 R90073.8-112.0592.540x1.2701.016UG-387/U MOD
28 WR-8 R120092.3-140 73.82.032x1.016 1.016UG-387/U MOD
29 WR-6 / WR-6.5R1400114.0- MOD or FXR
 WR5 / WR-5.1  140-220 1161.2954x0.6477 0.762UG-387/U MOD or FXR
 WR4 / WR-4.3 170-260137 1.092x0.5460.762UG-387/U MOD or FXR
 WR3 / WR-3.4  220-325 1740.864x0.432 0.762UG-387/U MOD or FXR
 WR-2.8 265-400211 0.711x0.3560.762MIL-DTL-3922/67C
or Grammer 0.28" dia
 WR-2.2  330-500 2680.559x0.279  As above
 WR-1.9 400-600311 0.483x0.241 As above
 WR-1.5  500-750 3930.381x0.191  As above
 WR-1.2 600-900492 0.305x0.152 As above
 WR-1.0  750-1100 5900.254x0.127  As above
 WR-0.65 1.1-1.7THz  0.165x0.083 As above


Note: Included are the set of proposed/adopted designations for WR-6(WR-6.5) upwards in frequency and use a new flange standard based upon MIL-DTL-3922/67C or the smaller NRAO/Grammer 0.28in flange(interface). Commercially in use by Virginia Diodes Inc

EIA - Electronic Industries Association (USA).
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission

There are some round guide designations and some alternate flange schemes. Any samples, additions or modifications welcome.